Brand Jenny

Face it, mainstream American media loves a scandal.

Mainstream American media loves a scandal when it involves infidelities.

The mainstream American media also loves a political scandal when it relates to a potential 2012 GOP presidential nominee not named Sarah Palin.

By now, everyone who pays attention to the never-ending 24-hour news cycle has become familiar with the Mark Sanford affair. The now disgraced governor of South Carolina left his wife, staff and taxpayers wondering his whereabouts while he supposedly hiked the Appalachian Trail, when in fact he was seeing his mistress in Argentina.

The world felt sorry for his wife- devoted family woman who gave up her career as an investment banker to marry this guy and help him run his campaign and raise four kids. I’ll admit it, I felt bad for her too.

Usually, what happens after an affair boils down to a couple of options: wife/husband of the cheater forgives, and marriage is reconciled, an ugly divorce, a trail separation, or someone goes gay. Jenny Sanford decided to move herself and her four boys out of the Governor’s Mansion and into the family beach house. Understandable.

Then, Mrs. Sanford decided to write a book. This book, entitled Staying True, hit bookstores this week, and Jenny made the rounds on morning TV, late night TV, and the Huffington Post. The book, which I’m sure will be a hit among people who enjoy salacious details regarding other people’s relationships, details the highs and lows of the Sanford’s “love” life.

First off, what is her goal with this? She’s described as an extraordinarily private woman who neglected the media spotlight for her kids’ protection at the onset of the affair findings back last year. I get it, she’s a “strong” woman. Enough of it.  What good does it do you to write a book about how you just got pwned (yes I used leet language) by your husband, behind your back, AND you let him visit his lover? Come on Jenny, for a strong woman, you’re easily pushed into things.

I did feel sorry for her when this story broke.  I really did- especially when her supposed husband referred to his affair as a “tragic love story” and the other woman, Maria Belen Chapur (Argentinian TV personality) as his “soulmate”. The fact that he didn’t apologize to her during the news conference surprised me as well.

But now? With all these interviews? I start to doubt Mrs. Sanford. Yes, you were cheated on. Yes, you sacrificed yourself for your husband. But do you really need to go on 20/20? Larry King Live? The View? With the same damn story? I know, I know, free publicity for your stupid book. But, Mrs. Sanford, YOU are the idiot. When your husband doesn’t want the word FAITHFUL included in your wedding vows, don’t you think that’s a sign? When he DRAWS YOU A PICTURE OF HALF A BIKE FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY, do you think thats a sign? When he goes away to NYC, alone, to “destress”, do you think that’s a sign?

Enough of this female empowerment nonsense. Hillary Clinton didn’t need a book tour after her husband blew one on Monica Lewinsky- she kept her distance from the ex president and quietly focused on herself. Mrs. Sanford on the other hand decided for a “Brand Jenny” sort of style, promoting herself and neglecting her responsibility to her children that she had promised previously. I mean this might make her some money, but what’s it doing for her in the grand scheme of things?

Jenny- enough of this self-promotion. The world knows you were cheated on. So were Elizabeth Edwards, John Ensign’s wife, Jackie Kennedy, and countless other people, male and female. You’ve shed your tears, the public felt for you. Don’t overdo it with a Barbara Walters softball interview. Step away from the public eye, get back to what you do best (i-banking) and stop gushing over an affair.

Ladies and gentlemen, people cheat. It’s unfortunate, and I hope none of you would to think about it for the sake of your own morals and your partner’s. But for the sake of yourself, and the people around you, don’t drag it out. People will feel for you at the onset, but it only take a little self-loathing to become that poor, pitiful person. Pick yourself up and move on, you have a life to live. Regardless of whether your husband was a governor.


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