My true enjoyment

While I write and talk about a variety of topics, my true passion is following and discussions about sports. I can talk about most sports for hours. Unlike politics, an arguement about sports isn’t necessarily divisive, and with the random strangers that I’ve talked sports with, most conversations have been civil and given me an insight into that person’s psyche and how their sporting preferences contribute to their overall personality. I started writing for Bleacher Report last year and published a couple of articles discussing a few sports and teams I enjoy following. So, in lieu of a long post, I’ll link you to a few of my articles. (discussing Chelsea FC’s 2009 Premier League demise) (the Dallas Mavericks 2009 Draft needs)

Recently, I started as a feature columnist for all things Texas Longhorn football: (My grades for the Longhorns signing day class) (an article I wrote today discussing the Texas players that need to step up in 2010)

While it is always possible to sound partisan when writing sports, facts and analysis are much easier to digest and sort through than political features that show up on various website discussing the hot button issues we face today.

In other news, I will have limited internet access these next couple of days and will not be able to publish any of my writings until Monday.

So, while you’re waiting check out this article from yesterdays New York Times about the power of charity. It’s refreshing to see what a small donation can do for someone, and how it’s truly the little things that impact our society at large.


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