Another case of writer’s block…..

Since I have an extended case of writer’s block due to excessive nights staying up late and a back that has caused my ire, I present another round of link drop- my list of links, videos and stories I find interesting

Link 1: If you enjoy hillarious, unedited and well-written stories about R-rated debauchery, this is your site. I was laughing throughout. Thanks to Diane for the link I AM DTF NOTE: think the female Tucker Max.

Link 2: As I get older, Seinfeld gets funnier, regardless of how long it has been in syndication for. Great slapstick comedy.

Link 3: I happen to read The Huffington Post as one of my primary news sources due to their different takes on a wide variety of subjects. This article refers to how microfinance is helping to change lives of individuals, and helping send those who want to get educated to school. It’s the little things that count. Forget $40K, Send someone to college for $10

Link 4: So South by Southwest, a film, media and music festival, was held in Austin over Spring Break. I was in Vegas obviously, otherwise I would have made the three hour trek to the Live Music Capitol of the World. An artist I found in the Dallas Morning News’s (grammatical error?) alternative paper Quick, MC Frontalot, has a style of rap they call Nerdcore- rapping about intellectual subjects (think 1990s RunDMCesque) I present you with one of his songs “I Hate Your Blog” (click the link for lyrics)

You will find the lyrics to be startlingly accurate.

Link 5: Found this on Mashable, a social media website. Anyone down to work for chat roulette?

That’s all for now. Everyone should watch future NBA Stars vs their future financial advisors (Kentucky vs Cornell) tomorrow night in the Sweet 16.


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