a trip down youtube memory lane

While having my daily conversation with my friend Kevin (he of the saddened Jayhawk nation), we started swapping youtube videos of items from the 80s and 90s that made us laugh and reminisce about the days before we had to worry about getting big-kid jobs.

A few gems:

RIP Andre the Giant. Truly an extraordinary sports figure. Oh, and back when Hulk was cool.

Greatest sports theme song. EVER. Never mind that the Mavs were never on NBC in the 90s- Roundball Rock was truly in exercise in great sports melodies. When NBC brought it back for the Beijing Olympics for Team USA basketball, a single tear fell from my eyes. In other news, the TNT and ESPN songs suck.

Song of the Day- Broken Bells- The High Road

And… because tonight happens to be the second night of Passover…. I figured I’d bring a clip from an old favorite movie of mine that I used to watch around this time of year:

Chag Sameach.


One response to “a trip down youtube memory lane

  1. this is a cool blog Adam! the NBA on NBC vid was able to get me so hyped that i wanted to dance in those short 30 seconds. that song is even good when it’s not the main chorus lol

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