Deconstructing the Pizza buffet

I’m sure many of you are tired of the word “buffet” in most of my entries, but this type of food place has been the center of the majority of my meals in my lifetime.

The fact that its Passover and I am deprived of anything except matzo pizza also serves a purpose for this entry.

In my adult life, I’ve tried five major pizza buffets that I can remember, and I’m sure my mother will end up commenting on this (my only blog subscriber) that I’ve been to many more pizza buffets. The list:

Pizza Inn still does carry out orders, and they started their buffet only a couple of years ago- I remember there being one near my high school.

Last Sunday, the roommate and I decided on Pizza Inn for our lunch/dinner as opposed to Double Dave’s or Cici’s. (If I do the Peace Corps after graduation, I do not know what I will do without pizza buffets. Or competitive eating contests)

One of the main reasons I stopped going to Cicis and go solely to Pizza Inn (unless I have a coupon for Double Dave’s- yes, thank you mom)  was the quality at Pizza Inn is exponentially better than the quality at Cicis, for the same price, $4.99.  Since I’m assuming most of you have been to Cicis, I’m going to break down the Pizza Inn buffet.

Salads: Pizza Inn has a far and away better quality salad bar than Cicis. The vegetables seem fresher, the eggs are nice, and to top it off, there are three salad options: your regular salad with no dressing, caesar salad, and my personal favorite, taco salad. The taco salad happens to be halfway decent too.

Pasta: Cicis has two options. Pizza Inn has four, including some excellent macaroni and cheese. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of goodness the macaroni and cheese brought me until a couple of hours later

Pizza: Between Cicis and Pizza Inn, I think it’s a tie. Double Dave’s is decent but does not have near the selection the others do. Same with Armands, but it’s deep dish and badass. Both Cicis and Pizza Inn get creative with some of their pizzas, like the taco pizza Cicis has or the spicy pizza at Pizza Inn.

Desserts: Pizza Inn takes this. Though Cicis has the brownie, which is awesome, and which I eat three or four of, as well as the cinnamon roll, Pizza Inn has the strawberry dessert pizza, the chocolate chip dessert pizza, and the really good cinnamon thingy…. the name escapes me.

Arcade: Some of my greatest arcade achievements came at Cicis. First off, the quality of games has fallen off mightily. Gone are the Simpsons game, Rampage, NFL Blitz and one of my personal favorites, Mortal Kombat.  Yes, Cruisin USA is still there, but no other games of note are at Cicis. Pizza Inn lacks as well- though the roommate chooses to spend half his paycheck on Big Game Hunter. He’s good at it, so it’s not a bad investment.

On a side note, what happened to good arcades at restaurants? When I was a kid (age wise, not maturity level) there was an abundance of good games everywhere I went. The quality has gone significantly down, even at Adventure Landing

The last of the great arcade games that make their way into pizza buffets

An old but timely Cicis Pizza arcade game, Cruisin' USA

For those who are marginally health conscious, the pizza buffet is a bad option. For those who want to enjoy the good old American values of gluttony and a high calorie, high carb, high fat meal, well then, you are in luck.


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