ten link thursday

In order to keep you, the readers entertained and not bored at the giant amount of text that goes on this blog, I’m introducing a segment called “Ten Link Thursday”, where I pull ten links (obviously) whether blogs, pictures, videos, or interesting stories from the internet and on to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Wordiness.

Link 1: Since it happens to be April Fool’s Day, I bring to you a prank involving two of my favorite things: College Humor and In-N-Out Burger. Enjoy

Link 2: Southern Jews. Yes, a possible oxymoron for those who live in an East Coast/West Coast Bubble. But there are such people. There is an organization as well- the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life And what do you know, it’s a Jewish organization without a political tilt to it- they just want to help struggling Jewish communities in the South and help preserve a Southern Jewish past. Really cool stuff. Read about Rabbi Marshal Klaven, a tattooed rabbi who serves Jewish communities in 13 states.

Link 3: The first video. The Butler Bulldogs are in the Final Four- which happens to be in Indianapolis. While Butler has been a strong mid-major for some time, no one expected them to go this far. The state of Indiana is well known for basketball- both for Larry Bird and his epic duel with Magic Johnson in the 1979 NCAA title game (Indiana St-Michigan St) and this well known sports movie:

Here’s to a Butler-Duke final and a Bulldog upset.

Link 4: It was inevitable- a political link. As I am a South Park Republican, I am ashamed at the current leadership of the GOP. A party that calls for fiscal responsibility should not be going to lesbian bondage clubs and spending donors’ money on 5-star hotels, plush retreat getaways, etc- especially in this era. A brief history of GOP Chairman Michael Steele’s prior troubles (Oh and look, it happens to be on the Daily Caller- the conservative version of the Huffington Post)

Link 5: With the iPad coming out on Saturday at 9 AM CST, I bring you Apple news. This tickle fight with Google is getting more interesting by the second….

Link 6: For you May college graduates, others currently unemployed and anyone else interested- Linkedin is the wave of the future for professional social networking (just ask my father). I also spend time reading this nice article in Fortune Magazine about how Linkedin can grow your career
If you don’t want to read it online, go to your nearest bookstore and pick up the April issue of Fortune.

Link 7: Say what you want about Bill O’Reilly, but I think this is awesome. First off, I absolutely hate any member of the Westboro Baptist Church because of the anti-gay, anti-Semitic, and anti-American (in my opinion) rhetoric and their desire to protest at the funerals of our American soldiers. O’Reilly is picking up the legal costs for the family of deceased Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder. A little bit more on the story here.

Link 8: Read this review in the New York Times about the book “Repeat Until Rich“. Sounds like the move “21” with Kevin Spacey.

Link 9: There are officially less than 70 days until the FIFA World Cup begins. The MLS season kicked off last week. The Champions League is in full swing (down goes Arsenal’s chances) I also happen to read 3-4 soccer blogs every week. This is a well-written personal essay on the passion one particular American fan has for the game of soccer/futbol..
As a side note- for those who don’t understand the power of sports, and specifically soccer, on the world, I bring to you a commercial from the 2006 World Cup in Germany that I play constantly:

The Ivory Coast happens to showcase Didier Drogba, who plays for Chelsea, my personal favorite team in the English Premier League.
June 12- The Revolutionary War of Soccer: USA vs England. ABC. 1 PM CST. Mark it down.

Link 10: Every week, the tenth link is going to be a song from a prior decade that I found to be particularly awesome. This week, I feature “Kyrie” the 1985 #1 hit by the band Mr. Mister:

That’s all for now.


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