some people just never learn

I ran across this story in the Daily Caller today, where Michael Steele, continually under fire for his spending practices at the RNC decided that the people who criticized him were racist.

The quote I found interesting:

Asked if “as an African-American” he has “a slimmer margin for error than another chairman would,” Steele replied: “The honest answer is yes.” Steele went on to explain that, like Barack Obama, he has had to contend with racism as someone who is “not ole boy network”

The dunce of the RNC

First off, there is still racism in this world whether we like it or not. Period. Unfortunately, some people just can’t have an intellectual debate so they pull the race card (or ethnicity, or gender, or whatever the debate is). Maybe someday when people learn to get along and politicians and talk show hosts figure out how to intellectually engage their viewers, or constituents and offer to work hand-in-hand with the opposition, these arguments will not persist.

Second, Michael Steele is an idiot. When he came in, the RNC had $23 million cash on hand. The organization currently has $9.5 million cash on hand- not much of which has been funneled to candidates.

I know I linked his troubles last week, but when you pull the race card- a whole new argument comes about.

The GOP has always prided itself on responsible fiscal conservatism. I do not call “fiscal responsibility” dropping $20,000 at the Venetian in Las Vegas and the W in Washington D.C. (different if you were an individual, but this is a party which decries excessive spending) $2,000 at lesbian bondage clubs, and $17,000 in private aircraft in the month of February. Seriously? Can you not be like every other hard-working American and fly coach?

I do think race might have been involved in the selection of Steele as RNC chairman, if only to combat the 500 megawatt star brought upon by the Democrats (Obama). But pulling the card now? No way Mr. Steele.

When you lose $12 million that fast, something is up. The GOP should be swimming in money right now, especially with the backlash against the President due to the healthcare bill and a variety of other diplomatic flops. This kind of negative publicity is not something Republicans need heading into midterm election.

As press secretary Robert Gibbs pointed out, the problem with Michael Steele “is not the race card, but his credit card.”

This is prime time for the GOP to be taking advantage of the political landscape- not to make ridiculous remarks that may seem sensitive to some.

Ok, off the soapbox.


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