your natural male enhancing ten link thursday

After a nice day complete with a test that took fifteen minutes, an oven roasted chicken sandwich from Subway, a workout, and the most amount of time I’ve ever watched golf, I bring to you another round of Ten Link Thursday sponsored by Extenze.

Link 1: A new trend that’s been sprouting up across America is that people love to take pictures of the food that they eat on a daily basis (example: one of my blog posts) There was a story in the New York Times regarding this new trend. While you’re at it, you should check out the website of Javier Garcia, located in the story.

Link 2: Yet another story in the New York Times. I’m sure the majority of you that read this (minus my mother and father) have had some sort of unpaid internship in your life. Apparently just filing papers all day might be against the law. Damn, if only I knew earlier.

Link 3: John Stossel, one of my brother’s media idols, educates us on the importance of the mustache.

Link 4: If any of you are young, white basketball players who sit at the end of the bench every single game, you can sympathize with this guy, Ohio State center Mark Titus. He runs a popular blog “Club Trillion” that has some hilarious commentary on his life as the twelfth man.

Link 5: And now a word from our sponsor:

Jimmy Johnson as the spokesperson, hilarious.

Link 6: In honor of National Poetry Month, I bring you two poems from a poet I’ve never heard of. They are pretty good though.

Link 7: Not necessarily a long link, but important nonetheless. Jersey Shore returns.

Link 8:  In this era of free agency in sports,  it is a rare and beautiful thing when someone plays their whole career with one team. We in Dallas are lucky to have had Mike Modano, the best American-born NHL player ever,  in a Dallas Stars uniform for twenty-two years. The Dallas Morning News wrote an article today about Mo’s future as a player and with the team. Whatever happens, he certainly has his place among Dallas sports legends, and he helped grow the game of hockey in the Dallas area.

Link 9: Fake political humor– gotta love it.

Link 10 or “Random Old School Music Video I Enjoyed”. This week’s old school video is sponsored by “Annoying Boston Accents”. Just wait till you see who I featured.

And his classic workout video:

That’s all I got this week. If you have any good links send them my way.


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