The only reason why I ever watch Telemundo

I have something like 17 days left in the States, and am trying to hang out with friends and family as much as possible before I leave.

That said, I also have a lot of time to myself, and thus use this to explore what’s on television.

Since my family does not have cable, I am deprived of ESPN, Fox Sports Southwest, and other channels which help in my pursuit of time wasting.

After eating at a mediterreanean buffet, I found myself first watching NBC Universal Sports, an auxillary channel for those of us who don’t have cable and need a sports fix. Usually cycling dominates the programming schedule, but today it was Major League Lacrosse- the Boston Cannons vs. the Chicago Machine.

I love niche sports leagues. There’s something cool about leagues like the MLL, the MLS, the newly reformed Arena Football League, and other leagues where players receive wages comparable to the average American- the players play because they love it. (Yes, I’m sure you could make the same argument for NBA, NFL , MLB, NHL- but it’s much harder to do when the average salary is in the millions of dollars)

Anyway, the MLL only has six teams, and it’s always cool when the networks show games on TV. Lacrosse is a fast paced sport, and unlike baseball, where it takes an hour to throw one pitch, there is constant action for 60 minutes. I’ve been to a couple of North Texas lacrosse games, and find them extremely fun to watch.

Currently, I’m watching the England-Mexico international soccer friendly on Telemundo. Normally, I do not watch soccer on Telemundo, unless the US team is playing. However, with the World Cup fast approaching, I took an interest in this game. (England is currently up 2-1 at the half) Plus, I figured I needed to brush up on Spanish.

There is nothing like the World Cup. First off, nothing stokes people’s national pride more (ok, it’s different in the States) and also there are some great songs and commercials that go along with it.

Here are the two official songs for the Cup:

And if you haven’t checked out this advertisement for the world cup by Nike you should:

While in this state of soccer excitement, I figured I would check out how my future home, Peru, did in World Cup qualifying.

Of course, the national team finished dead least in the South American region, with 3 wins, 4 draws, and 11 losses. Sounds like the North Texas football team.


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