While sorting through my clothes…

I leave Thursday, so today after my friends left, my parents and I packed all my clothes into four bags. I would give you a detailed list of my stuff but it’s probably going to be whittled down within the next 24 hours. All I know is this: My Cowboys jersey is successfully packed. That is of utmost importance. My Spongebob pants are also packed- also of extreme character importance. I am really tired as well- mostly because I’ve eaten a ton these past few days while having spent a minimal amount of time in the weight room.

I already went on a diatribe a couple of entries ago about my feelings for all this so I will leave you with one thought- If I don’t get to watch USA vs. England live, I’m going to be pissed like the tabloids are after getting punked by Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.

On another note, I saw pictures today of Peace Corps Volunteers in South Africa getting to meet the US Mens Soccer Team. I sincerely hope I get to witness something as cool as that.

Peace out America.


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