While I happen to be on the internet for the second consecutive day…

I´m in the process of writing a couple of decent entries which I will post later in the week, but being that I´m still in a food coma from the food I´ve been eating since Sunday, I´ll keep this short.

A couple of observations:
1. I didn´t realize so many people read this blog. I´ll try to keep the cynicism to a minimum for those who only know me through this blog.
2. I have gotten used to cold showers. They really are not too bad, when you consider I could be in a situation where I dont have a shower.
3. Sports is a recurring theme in my blog, and I thoroughly enjoy being able to stop anywhere in Chaclacayo and watch the World Cup, even if it is on a 10 inch black and white screen.
4. I might be eating better here than I did in Dallas. The only thing my host mother here doesn´t make is the one thing my mother back home specializes in, which is deserts. I haven´t been this full for an extended period of time in awhile.
5. An internet cafe is an extraordinarily interesting place to see various social interactions of people, and how kids are as entranced with RPGs (role playing games, think World of Warcraft) as some of my good friends back home.
6. The last time I was the tallest person in a place, I was at dinner at my home in Plano with my family.
7. Sex and the City is just as entertaining in Spanish as it is in English. Yes, I did watch that show.
8. Runs through cities are made much more interesting when presented with the threat of multiple dogs chasing you and the fact that you have to carry a rock when you are running.
9. I have never had so much fun in a 3 hour class. Ever. (yes, I also learn things)
10. Telenovellas are a lot funnier when you actually get them explained to you in Spanglish.

That´s all for now.


One response to “While I happen to be on the internet for the second consecutive day…

  1. We need to talk about #4 :)!

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