La semana pasada (the past week)

my real mother constantly emails me to post a blog entry that actually tells people what i do every day in training, rather than my opinion on things partially unrelated to the stuff that i do here in peru. for my mother’s sake and your enjoyment, here was my daily schedule this past week:

Monday June 28

7am: Wake up, take a shower, brush my teeth, put on some clothes, look at myself in the mirror, go to the bathroom, eat breakfast so that by 745-750 I’m on the road to Juliane’s house for Language training

815-1150am- Spanish class in our community

12-1pm Lunch by myself at my house

1-4 pm- Youth development sessions at the training center, a fifteen minute walk from my house. Todays lessons: Realities of Peruvian schools

4-5- my first 1-on-1 spanish tutoring session

5-9- this day happened to be the day before a holiday, so I went to La Taverna (the local coffee shop of course) with everyone. This debauchery went on until about 1 am and continued into our neighborhood.

Tuesday June 29 (festival de st peter y st pablo)

930 am- wake up, dont take a shower

945- turn on the tv- the first world cup game is on (paraguay vs japan)

1015- chris comes over, we continue to watch the world cup

1100 – jim comes over and joins us for more world cup watching- the game is now in penalty kicks

noonish- chris has to leave to join his parents for lunch, jim and I go on a run

1pm- Jim and i return from our run, my mom makes us a sweet lunch

130pm- the next world cup game comes on (spain vs portugal)- jim and I watch it in its entirety

3- bored and tired, we decide to go to chosica for some bargain hunting, and meet up with some friends (including chris)

6- jim goes back to his barrio, i go back to mine

730ish- dinner

830-930- take advantage of the free internet

10-1030- read my book “soccernomics”

11- bed time

wednesday june 30

7-1- same as monday except language training was at kyles house

1-5- training at a primary school in a neighborhood called tres de octubre

515-6- yoga

630-7-730- back to mi casa for some dinner

830-930- see how many conversations i can balance simultaneously on facebook chat

10-1030- read my book

11- bed

thursday july 1

7-1 same as wednesday

1-4ish- training at the same school except from 3-5 we play games and lead sessions with kids

430-530- spanish tutoring

6-745- myself and my group members (4 of us in total) met with our youth group (28 kids in total, ranging in age from 4-11) in a neighborhood callled huazcata. taught some english in spanish, no biggie.

8-930- dinner/spanish studying/i check ESPNDallas for news on the NBA free agent market

10-1030- soccernomics

11- bed

friday july 2

7- wake up, brush my teeth, go to the bathroom, look at myself in the mirror, put on some clothes, eat breakfast, walk to the training center

8-12- training consists of different kinds of non formal education (ex. cooking, puppet show, life lessons,  peruvian dance, etc) that we can use on youth in our community

12-1 lunch at the center

1-330- first aid training (cpr, burns, fractures, etc)

4-430- went on a run with kelsi, mario, jim, kasey, and john william

430-515- yoga

515-615- 4 corner soccer with fifteen other volunteers (for those of who went to daffron elementary and participated in PE, you know this game)

615-715- la taverna

715-9ish- dinner with the family

9-12am- the huazcaran kids go to yanacoto for some billiards and conversations with kids who think their spouses are hollywood celebrities (15 minute combie ride and one giant hill climb away)

saturday july 3

8ish- wake up, shower, breakfast

915- training center for trip to the orphanage (Andes Infantiles)

930-1230ish- hang out with kids, learn about the history and organization of the orphanage and other types of similar programs in peru

1245-230- lunch at a pizza place and world cup watching (espana-paraguay) with juliane, rob, curtis, mario, erin, beth, kim, john william, and heather

230-3- rob, curtis, heather and i go to a pizza place that actually does not serve pizza until later on to watch the rest of the game.

3- after paraguays depressing loss- rob, curtis and i go shopping at plaza vea for the pizza we are making for july 4 (yes, we celebrate that here)

5ish-830ish- kickin it with the host family (playing slime volleyball, teaching my mother how to make pizza, watching the peruvian travel channel)

9- everyone who lives within a ten minute walk comes over to my house and we venture to the discoteque in chosica. my sister decides to come out

930- we meet half of the group (18 so far) in the plaza and go to a  place called indigo for some drinks

1145- a quincenera is about to happen so we make our way to the club

1220ish- we make it to club

1230- we start dancing

130ish- the first american song comes on

2 am- the first batch of people leave

3 am- me along with some others leave

5-6am- the last batch of people leave

sunday july 4- (anniversario de estados unidos/ i love celebrating american holidays in foreign countries day)

930,1030,1045- wake up, trying to prolong my sleep

1145-12- rob comes over and we start our pizza making. rob makes the dough from scratch

1230ish- curtis and jim come over to add more conversation to the pizza making

130- first pizza is done

2 or so- my host parents turn on some music- The Police.

3- second and third pizzas are done. rob, curtis and jim stay at my place a little longer for some chifa

4- we decide it’s probably time to head over to the volunteer fourth of july party

430- there are a lot of decently made items at this party

530 or so- some volunteers decide it’s a great idea to play games in an empty swimming pool

at or around 630ish- the peruvians come. the party starts

7- with many people gone, a dance circle forms in the living room around a beer bottle for no apparent reason

1000- with dancing finished, some volunteers decide to go to the bar. i walk there too

1030- remembering i dont have money for the bar in the first place, i walk home

11- my mother has dinner prepared for me. awesome. and its chifa

1115- i have class tomorrow. bed time


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