I’m back

I’m currently iced in. Not snowed in, like the other 90% of America, but iced in. On Super Bowl week, in Dallas nonetheless. I’m also on my fifth homemade cinnamon roll.

For those who are new to this blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Adam, and I have had some interesting experiences in 2010. I blogged about them for a bit before wasting my computer battery on other things that comprise the world wide web.

Besides graduating, and dating and getting dumped by women, and excessively drinking on various nights, I met some interesting people. I traveled to faraway places, like Las Vegas, and Austin, Texas. Yes, these are very “cultured” places. I saw the Cowboys epic failure of a season, and the Rangers first World Series appearance.

For a brief moment during the summer, when Lebron James reached his greatest point of douchebaggery with the “Decision”, and the thought of a World Series in North Texas was like the thought of me ever maturing , I was in the Peace Corps. Yes, the US government trusted me to spread diplomacy in a large country in South America we like to call Peru.

It was a great thought actually. Loved the country, loved the citizens. Peruvians are an interesting people. Peace Corps Volunteers are also an interesting species.

Ladies and gentleman, feel free to browse my previous entries to get a little bit more of a sense of who I am. Future employers, feel free to stop at this post. Future girlfriends, check out HotorNot.com for my photos. I will be updating this more frequently.

God Blessed America, and God Blessed the Dallas Cowboys,



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