Diaries of a New York City JDater: Part Two: Of Candy Bars and Con Law

My second conversation was actually quite a pleasant one, which ended on my count because the North Texas game was on. While I can’t post the six page conversation in its entirety…. I will post several excerpts, as this was quite enjoyable due to the dearth of subjects it covered. 

Law Girl:  are you from austin originally?
Me:  Dallas
Me:  Are you a born and raised NYC girl
Her:  born in queens, but we lived in upstate new york for a while, then jersey
Me:  I’m a fan of jersey
Her:  so close enough
Me:  cherry hill
Her:  hah are you? not many people seem to be these days..
Me:  I mean not jersey shore
Her:  yeah i know cherry hill. haven’t been there though
Me:  It’s very… suburban
Her:  right. i mean a lot of jersey is. except for like hoboken and jersey city
Me  One time I took a $1.25 bus from Newark to NYC
Me:  most cultural experience ever
Her:  hah i’ll bet
Me:  I felt like jamie kennedy in malibu’s most wanted
Her:  i ride a little spanish bus from paramus to the GW bridge and i thougt i was getting a good deal ($4) but that’s just impressive

Her:  haha omg. jamie kennedy. haven’t thought about that guy in so long
Me:  I’m a fan of white guys in black comedies
Me:  jamie kennedy had that one movie, and then nothing
Her:  it’s like a very 90’s/early 2000’s concept i feel like
Me:  no way
Me:  you ever watch the friday series?
Her:  with Ice cube?
Me:  YES
Me:  before he went not so gangster
Her:  i’ve seen half of one i think..
Her:  yeah what was that one family one he did..
Me:  are we there yet?
Her:  must’ve lost a lot of street cred there
Her:  yes

Me:  agreed

Me:  I’m an inside out oreo
Me:  I also buy inside out oreos
Me:  less stain on your teeth
Her:  haha. that’s interesting.. never heard anyone describe themselves that way before
Her:  they don’t taste as good though!
Her:  might as well just go for the Hit cookies then
Me:  Hit cookies?
Me:  no way- I’m a keebler fan and oreos
Me:  and chewy chips ahoy
Me:  what about you?
Her:  love chewy chips ahoy..
Her:  umm those ones that are like biscuits but have that chocolate layer.. i can’t remember the names but they’re in a blue box
Me:  I wish I knew what you were talking about
Me:  how do you feel about nutter butter?
Her:  hah yeah sorry. not so descriptive
Her:  um they’re alright. i’m not the biggest fan of peanut butter so it’s tough.
Her:  reeses of course are good, but that’s the exception
me:  reeses are solid
me:  i used to like pay day
me:  but the salt was too much
me:  but the peanut butter… was legendary
her:  yeah why were they so salty?
her:  hah yes.
me:  i dunno
me:  they really shot themselves in the foot with the trying to lose weight crowd
her:  the kit kat big crunches are pretty good too. the regular ones kinda taste plastic to me now
her:  pay day?
her:  idk. i guess you can say that about all candies though
me:  true
me:  i dunno
me:  i dont get that feeling with snickers
me:  especially snickers peanut butter
her:  because they’re so small?
me:  a little too small though
me:  they feel so great in and around your mouth, but then its like what the hell
me:  cause the cookies are gone
me:  and you’re left with an empty feeling
her:  interesting..
her:  yeah they’re definitely not as good as the original
her:  and the peanut butter is a little too much
her:  three muskateers are good too. and you don’t feel like crap after having one
me:  true
me:  I’m sensing a slight animosity towards penaut butter
me:  did your mother feed you too much peanut butter and not enough jelly as a kid?
her:  hahaha
her:  you know. i think i would eat only peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly)
her:  so maybe i just overdid it
me:  it happens
her:  idk i just don’t love it in candy. and reeses cereal was the absolute worst
me:  reeses cereal was awful
me:  but you cant clone greatness
me:  see: michael jordan in baseball


her:  what’s your favorite type

me:  mexican or indian
me:  two not very smart date foods
her:  hah yeah, definitely not
her:  very good though
me:  yes
me:  indian buffet fan?
her:  actually yes
her:  there was a really good place on bleeker i used to go all the time in college. i haven’t been back in a while though..
me:  nice
me:  I’m a huge mexican fan though
me:  and soul food
me:  my ideal meal would be fried chicken with grape drink, kool-aid and some naan bread with a side of gefilte fish

her:  sounds good except for the gefilte..

her:  i’ve never actually tried it but i can’t get past the smell
me:  maybe some babka
me:  i have to include my jewish roots somehow
her:  much better
her:  babka is awesome. idk why though but i feel like it’s never really filling
me:  its not
me:  thats why its desert
me:  rather than dinner
her:  really? we usually eat it as a side
me:  I mean it makes for nice hors d’oreevres when you are hosting an eloquent dinner party
her:  hah. i’ll keep that in mind for my next eloquent dinner party
me:  you should
me:  goes great with intellignet tv
me:  and classical rap music
her:  what’s classical rap music
me:  tupac
me:  biggie
me:  grandmaster flash
me:  anything made before 2010

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