Diaries of a New York JDater Part Three: Orthodox, Ginger, and lacking command of the English language

She viewed my profile and initiated contact with me right after North Texas made a crucial 4th down stop in the 4th quarter.

Devil Ginger Orthodox Girl:  hi

Me:  ola

Her:  wassup

me:  watching football on 3 difference screens

me:  you

her:  if im into football its only vicariously through you

her:  i admire your dedication and technological multitasking

her:  are you going to rap to your bride at your wedding?

me:  depends

me:  technological multitasking is great

me:  if football was on during the weekday afternoon i would combine it with work

me:  why are you not into sports

me:  you are in new york

me:  thats like being in vegas and not being into compulsive gambling and strippers

her:  i think sports are a level below torah, yet sports fans and torah scholars are all after the same thing.. torah scholars just get there more efficiently

me:  you must be really orthodox

her:  maybe i shouldnt be in nyc lol let me head bac to jerusalem

her:  give shyne my passport lmao take his apartment

me:  i dont do torah that much

me:  sports>torah

me:  espn is my torah

her:  im not going to agree but i still like you

me:  you are aggresively flirting with me

her:  what?

her:  lol

me:  so do you want to have a conversation about this week’s parsha or the fact that my alma mater’s quarterback can’t convert a third down

her:  are you trying to be hostile or something

me:  *quarterback

me:  nope

me:  slightly sarcastic

her:  u dont think people with different interests can get along?

me:  they do

me:  I’m thoroughly enjoying this conversation

her:  your accent might be throwing me off

her:  southern drawl = different language in my ears

her:  😛

me:  it sounds the same when you type English words into a computer

her:  im fascinated by texas. if not jlem im moving to austin or dallas for sure

her:  just gota learn the language first

her:  get my drawl on

me:  english?

her:  lol

her:  i think england has got a hold of english

her:  i know east coastish

her:  and you, texish

her:  do you have a puppy?

me:  my roommate does

her:  can i play with her?

me:  no I keep her in a cage

her:  that shouldnt deter me

her:  still wanna play

me:  do you cook and clean

her:  are you back to sarcasm?

me:  only if you don’t want to play with my dog

her:  um

me:  speechless


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