Diaries of a New York JDater Part 6: Nice Jewish Girl Seeking… Blog Material

There is no such thing as six degrees of separation in the Jewish community. Regardless of whether you live in Austin, New York, St. Louis, Tel Aviv, Budapest, or Miami, there is always that one mutual person that connects the both of you. This can make a simple interaction on JDate get incredibly awkward, and funny, and cause you to reconsider why you’re actually in the New York network in the first place.

I got an email last week from this girl, who I’ll call Tide in the City (she’s an Alabama fan). Her message to me is “Have you ever been to the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco?” Followed up with a message “It’s my favorite place in Texas”, after I told her it was “Ok”.

Since I know she is probably going to read this, I won’t completely bash her choice of tourist destination, but when compared to other things in Texas, the Dr. Pepper Museum does not make my top 30. As I told her, having the museum be your favorite destination in Texas is like having a McDonald’s on Broadway be your favorite place in NYC.

We continue emailing, and I find out she has family in Waco. My roommate happens to be from Waco. So naturally, I show her the email conversation, and she starts cracking up.

“Adam, that’s my cousin. End this conversation right now. She also has a blog”.

I quickly IMed TIC and apologized, and she told me she had a blog, which I’ll link here. With that, I ended my affiliation with the NYC network, and put a halt on any more random interactions I’ll have with East Coast women via JDate for the time being.


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