Why Today Doesn’t Suck

Today, myself, Zack and Chris (two volunteers who live somewhat close to me) descended on a soccer pitch near where we all live to attempt conversation with little Peruvian kids.

During a break in their games, they started busting out their cell phones and listening to American music. Most of the music was usually what a typical preteen would listen to, but then the disturbing sound of a fourteen year old caused me to just about lose my mind.

The words/melody “oh woahh, oh woahh, oh woahhh” started playing from our little friend John Paul’s phone.

I looked at Zack and Chris, who clearly do not have the level of pop culture comprehension that I do, and said to the little Peruvian kids “Yo neccesito ensenarte bien musica”, which is in Spanglish, and translates to “I need to teach you good music.”

Why did I feel the need to say this?

Because the little Peruvian was being corrupted by the annoying American exports we refer to as Justin Bieber.

But, my friends, you ask “Why doesn’t today suck?” (FYI, if you live in the DFW area and happen to listen to Sportsradio 1310 the Ticket between the hours of 3-7, you’ll know there is a segment entitled: Why Today Doesn’t Suck”)

Because today was dia del pappa… or the Day of St Pedro and St Pablo, which is really only celebrated in the north and in Lima, but Peace Corps gives us a day off.

What did I do on this day off?

I watched four hours of futbol, including two hours of a game that rivaled a U-10 girls game for level of boring (if you don’t understand that reference it’s ok, just substitute the WNBA for it, my dad is probably the only one who has gone through a u-10 girls game) with my buddies Jim and Chris. You might say this is unproductive, but in a country that didn’t qualify for the World Cup, yet STILL throws a giant party on the plaza in its biggest city Lima everyday, it’s a common thing. Plus, it beats what was on in the States at that same time (The View, I looked this up)

Speaking of the Copa Mundial (world cup), I was finally able to watch a US game in its entirety, in HD. By the Pacific Ocean nonetheless. Here’s the view from the restaurant:

Quite possibly the best view I could get while watching a US Soccer Game, other than in South Africa

Since none of you want to read my sports rants, I’ll save my commentary on the US game, and say just that the US got outplayed. Ghana is a decent team, but I’m still going with Argentina to win it all.

On another note, I’m impressed by the amount of US/Mexican soccer fans we have in our group. By the end of the 2nd half, heading into extra time, there were fifteen of us in one restaurant, and people were actually knowledgeable.

Anyway, since I found out I can actually upload pictures pretty quickly, I’ll post a few to show you my first two weeks in Peru:

My best cristiano ronaldo impression

Ceviche- king of all peruvian dishes

Anyway, I should probably put a little more time and talk about actual events that are going on, but I haven’t showered in awhile and since I ran hard this morning/hiked up a tough hill, I should probably get the smell off me.


One response to “Why Today Doesn’t Suck

  1. Sounds like you’re really settling in. Love the view from the restaurant but not the view of the cerviche – enjoy!

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